Whisper marketing

Whisper marketing – what is it?

Whisper marketing buzz marketing

Whisper marketing or buzz marketing (also known as word of mounth marketing) is one of the most important forms of advertisement, allowing to provide the marketing information to a desired group of receivers.

We provide measures of creating and moderating discussions thematically connected with our customers’ activities. That is why we find and interact with specific target groups on diverse portals, blogs or forums of both general and specialized theme.

Whisper marketing – what benefits can your company receive?

  • Better traffic on a website
  • New clients
  • Brand popularization
  • Improvement of company’s image
  • Promotion of products and services
Whisper marketing buzz marketing

Support your website positioning with whisper marketing!

WHISPER MARKETING is a very profitable method for SEO activities (website positioning in a search engine) It improves Google search results by influencing the key phrases of your company.

• Individual Customer Attendant • Continuous optimization • Clear cooperation rules •

Campaigns prepared by us reach your specific target group. Przygotowane przez nas kampanie docierają prosto do Twojej grupy docelowej. We always act according to principles of fair competition; our experience, developed technique and a great prepared team make it possible for us to reach spectacular results for our Clients.

Whisper marketing – why should you try?

Due to whisper marketing you have a chance for a successful:

  • Generation of interest in a brand and a product
  • Exposure of important events
  • Encouragement to a discussion or share of opinions about a product, service or a brand
  • Bringing your clients’ out in positive reactions
  • Gaining your clients’ confidence in a brand

Effective and creative promotion of your brand

Meet your clients halfway!

Clients often look for others’ opinions about a product before they actually buy it. Therefore it is essential that they will find only credible and positive ones describing your company. We know hot to do this and for this purpose we use whisper marketing.

Stop waiting! Choose WHISPER MARKETING for your company.

Are you interested in whisper marketing for your company?

Write to us! We will choose the best solution.

If interested in whisper marketing, please fill in a contact form or contact us by e-mail: biuro@pesi.pl or by phone number: + 48 (32) 252 13 46 and + 48 789 208 744.

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