Website Design and Website Creation

Website Design and Website Creation

Do you run or just starting up your own business? So probably you will need a valuable website. Well, you have just found the right place.

Our company specializes in designing and creating modern websites. We will prepare you a web page that will meet all your requirements. Creating pages on the Internet is our passion. From our perspective, a website forms a kind of your business card – therefore you should take care of its esthetics, intuitiveness as well as its usefulness for your potential clients. As a result, you build a positive image of your company on the market and encourage the potential trading partners to cooperation. Being aware of these aspects, we create websites suitable to every requirement. Our brand is also known for individual approach to each project.

A website arranged by us will be modern, functional and – more importantly – it will present an eye-catching effect.

While creating a project for you, we use the latest technology, as our aim is to give you something that will be working effectively for many years. Moreover, all websites made by us are responsive and optimized in the view of indexation, therefore their visibility in search engines gets higher. Considering all of that, you can easily start saving money on positioning from the very beginning.

Website Design and Website Creation



Responsive websites are websites created according to RWD technology. It makes the website appearance automatically adjusted to all mobile devices (computers, tablets or smartphons). A responsive website always looks great! Check it by yourself:

Website Design and Website Creation

Do I need a responsive website?

Yes. The facts speak for themselves. More and more people are using mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) while looking for something on the Internet. As a result, Google do not support any more websites which do not have their own mobile versions.

Such websites are not longer displayed on queries from Google search engine, made on mobile devices. Don’t let your company be excluded from rivalry for clients.

Invest in responsive websites.

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Web pages – What can we provide?

Each order is different and each web page is inimitable. For each task we come up with new ideas and try to think in an original way. However, the most significant aspect for us is to reflect your vision. You are a decision maker in the scope of appearance and content of your website. What we provide is e.g.:

CMS System

We create websites containing advanced content management system (CMS system). In effect you will be able to add posts or photos, implement changes and update your new website. All that on your own, without any IT knowledge.

Responsive website

In our projects the RWD system is a typical process. We create mobile, responsive websites which means that its appearance always fully adjusts to a screen resolution of a device on which the web page is displayed (e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone). Keep in mind that Google do not support websites without mobile version any more.

Unique appearance

It does not matter whether we design website from scratch or create one based on the WordPress. The essential element is to keep the unique character of your website that fits to your activity. You can be sure that your web page will be ultimate and different from the competition.

SEO Optimization

Websites made by us are written according to the latest guidelines for computer programmers along with code transparency/clarity. This leads to proper indexation of our websites by Google search engine, even without much positioning.

Effective hosting

Thanks to our integrated activity, many Clients can easily locate their websites on our safe server. An appropriate server guarantees reliable working of a web page. Low prices are ensured as well as efficient and reliable performance of a server (99,9% efficiency) – the rest of time is spent on necessary system

The right domain

We will take care of all formalities connected with a purchase or replacement of the domain interesting for you. You will be also advised which domain to choose in order to efficiently build up a positive image of your company and to gain the biggest number of clients.

Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter form great social interaction and enable reaching many new groups of potential Clients. Do you want do be visible? We will configurate your website with famous Social Media platforms. Your company will become more recognizable and your business will pick up.

Google Maps

Your clients have no idea how to get to your company? With us your office will be tagged on Google maps with up-to-date and detailed map on your website at the same time. People visiting your website will get an accurate localization of your establishments and therefore will be able to plan their visit in a company’s department.

Google My Business

Do you want your company to be more recognizable? Add it to the service Google My Business which allows effective image and informarion management in the Google serach engine. As researches show, companies veryfying information with this programme are regarded by consumer two times more trustworthy.

Esthetics and functionality

We make our best to create a sophisticated and unique project. The websites designed by us are esthetic and satisfy requirements within the scope of functionality. We endeavor to implement website navigation intuitive for every user.

Variety of modules

You are an insurance agent needing a website that would automaticaly generate documents for clients? Or maybe you need a login panel, search engine, chat or payment system? Don’t worry, we will take care of every aspect. Tell what you need and we will implement this.

High quality

We can provide you with the best quality for a low price. We would like to express our sincere happiness from the fact that our Clients value the work we put in every designed website. They eagerly benefit from other products and services we offer.



Nowadays a website poses an inherent building factor of every developing company. An appropriate site creates a positive image of a firm and represents to a client a valuable source of information about products and services he/she is interested in. In form of an online shop, websites play a significant role, namely – they sale. Create then an esthetic and profitible social network that will become a pride of every company.

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