Website positioning

Contrary to sponsored links, organic results are on the left side of search engine results. It is the most important online marketing channel – it enables people (looking on the Internet for some products or services) direct to the positioned website. That is why the preparation of effective work strategy is so crucial.

What is website positioning?

Website positioning is a complicated process which aim is to obtain by a specific website the highest position in NATURAL (ORGANIC) SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS of any kind of search engines – see the image.

SEO website optimisation according to search engines improves its visibility as well as brand recognition on the Internet, which results in increase in sales along with stronger competitive edge.

With this end in view we will make a full audit of your website in terms of SEO and we will prepare an individual, multifaceted capmaign, based on effective phrases and key words (which are used in order to generate valuable traffic on a website).

Website search engine positioning

We know excatly how it is to carry out effective marketing therefore we suport our Clients in the scope of e-marketing. Our aim is to provide your website with improved visibility in such search engines as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Currently, because of huge interest in positioning and optimization of websites , it is demanding for many entrepreneurs to obtain a high position in the search engine results. To have a recognizable company on the Internet and to win Clients it is significant to prepare thought-out, long-term and multifaceted strategy. Due to our extensive knowledge in the scope of SEO, we created for you an offer of website positioning that includes working at both content and image of a website.

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Website positioning – what are the benefits?

A well prepared and conducted SEO campaign leads to:

  • improvement of website VISIBILITY in popular search engines,
  • creation of a FRIENDLY website on which the users will easily find information they need,
  • INCREASE the traffic on your website,
  • generation of APROPRIATE TRAFFIC on a website – site visitors are people who were looking for some product or service,
  • increase of SALES and brand RECOGNITION,
  • building a LEADING position towards competition.

Remember that the best results can be achieved by connecting positioning with sponsored links – you can be visible by those who use only organic search results and those who prefer advertisements under the heading „sponsored links”.

„ Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does ”

– Stuart Henderson –

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