Social media marketing

Social media marketing

– effective advertisement and marketing in social media

Gain new clients, increase awarness of your brand, generate new sales and stimulate the development of your company!

The interest in social media is still increasing. No wonder. Social media is the place, where your clients spend most of their free time. That is why more and more companies and institutions have their own profiles in popular social network services, which generates more profits for their wallets and image.

Social media marketing

Do you want to enter with your company into the world of social media?

– you could not choose better!

Discover with us new ways to gain clients. We know that an effective fanpage or a profile in social media can generate a constant and better traffic of targeted visitors to a company website.

Running effective activities in social media requires, however, understanding of communication rules on a given networking platform. We know how to do this! We are multiannual practitioners who run and manage many profiles of our clients in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

How do we work?

We start with examining the character of your market and drawing up an appropriate strategy. We create and administrate the company profile. On the basis of the research of trends, events and news conducted by us, we come up with and edit the daily content and shape it into an accessible and esthetic form. Created by us entries, articles, infographics or photos are valuable for your clients, because they meet their interests.

Additionally, we constantly sign up the users of your fanpage or an account in social media and interact with them. The regular control of any disturbing behavior on your profile enables us to react appropriately and on time. We know how important is to keep in good touch with fans, therefore our measures are always thoughtful and made according to business context of communication in social media. The results of our work are presented in a form of reports.

What are the benefits from an adverstisement in social media?

Advertising in social media constitutes a huge profit for your company. See what your business may benefit from:

  • Positive online image of a company
  • Business benefits and increase of company’s profits
  • Better traffic on a company website
  • Engagement of users and building their confidence in a brand

Which networking platforms do we serve?

Our practical knowledge of tolls and the workings of particular social media enables us to conduct effective marketing campaigns in such services as: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SlideShare or YouTube.

You don’t know what to start with? Don’t worry. We will analyze the charakter of your company and prepare an appropriate solution.

Advertisement on Facebook

Facebook is currently the most famous networking platform. It is worth taking advantage of it while creating a marketing strategy of a company.

Does my company need an advertisement on Facebook at all? Of course! As quickly as possible. Here is why:

  • Over 20 mln people in Poland already use Facebook, this constitutes 80 % (!) of all Polish Internet users. It is a huge amount of potential clients who are worth gaining.
  • You will find everybody on Facebook: the old and young ones, women, men, children, singles etc. The structure of Facebook’s users squares with the structure of the whole Polish Internet population. What does it mean? Let’s assume that you run a shop with children’s footwear. Your target group are people having kids. Facebook includes tools that allows to target very precisely the receivers of an advertisement. Our knowledge and experience enables us to prepare a marketing campaign in such a way that your advertisement will get across to clients who probably are interested in your products.
  • The quantity of social media users is still increasing – (in comparison to the last year) up to 10% !

(source of data: Raport Gemius, 11.2015)

Social media marketing

Our Clients

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