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Solutions created by our team are not only to meet Clients’ needs, but also exceed their expectations. We treat each project individually, caring mainly about an appropriate understanding of problems and business processes of a Client.

We want to share our professional knowledge regarding it as a reason of marketing success provided to our Clients. Thanks to projects of high quality, PESI company wins confidence even of the most demanding Clients.

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PESI Company proved itself as a professional and genuine partner in performing orders. Cooperation with this company may be honestly regarded as fruitful and worth recommending.

Piotr Tomecki Prezes Zarządu firmy Atria sp. z o.o.

During cooperation PESI proved to be a genuine, reliable and trustworthy contractor; they fully deserve recommendation as a professional partner in performance IT and printing tasks.

Daria Konicka Biuro sprzedaży, promocja w firmie Chmielowskie sp. z o.o.

Our excellent cooperation with PESI allows to recommend it as s proven and honest company within the scope of design and creating websites, as well as Internet marketing.

Michał Gwoździewicz Właściciel firmy GEOPROFIT

Work on the site was made extremely fast! Competent approach to the project. Database security together with its processing was not a problem for PESI. We received a website that meets our needs along with valuable guidelines referring to collected data!

Maciej Bogacz Ajama Ubezpieczenia

I heard about this company by accident from my friend. The choice turned out to be a success! Genuity and a competent way to solve the problem led to creation of a big social network. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation and keep listening to guidelines in the field of web marketing.

Barbara Bilińska Właścicielka serwisu Śląski Portal Ślubny

We’ve been working with PESI since 2015 and from that time we’ve had many occasions to see how professional our partner is. All projects were always made on time and with a high accuracy.

Piotr Tomecki Wiceprezes Zarządu Atria Med Sp. z o.o.

The extensive experience gained by PESI and positive opinions heard about it was the basis for our cooperation. During the arranged conversations, we received a wide range of ideas for our online activities that were suitably adapted to our needs. With real satisfaction, we want to recognize PESI as a leading company in the Internet services market.

Logo Mania Trendów
Natalia Laska IMPERIAL

Collaboration with PESI is a guarantee of best technical support regardless of the day of the week, which, among other things, ensures us of the highest quality of services provided by PESI and helps to prevent any undesirable situation.
PESI provides the comprehensive technical support, substantive support and constantly introduces new solutions so that the final product always meets our expectations.
PESI fully deserves the recommendation as a reliable, timely and professional business partner.

Logo Zespół szkół prywatnych
Jolanta Kałuża Complex Of Silesian International Schools

PESI is undoubtedly the best marketing specialists we have worked with. They provide timeliness, reliability in carrying out planned activities and creativity. The above mentioned features, together with extensive knowledge of the IT field, make this company unrivaled. With real satisfaction we can recommend PESI as a trusted partner for cooperation.

Logo Seba-Trans
Sebastian Niezbecki Seba-Trans

Based on the experience of using PESI's services, we would like to express our positive opinion about the company and recommend PESI as a professional and trustworthy business partner.

Body Idea
Sylwia Maksym Body Idea

The PESI company very quickly performed the commissioned work and did it in a reliable and professional manner, giving us a solid foundation to recommend it to other contractors due to the professional and reliable performance of the work.

Pizzeria u Batmana
Mariusz Renka Pizzeria u Batmana

We are pleased to recommend PESI as a professional partner in website design and e-marketing.

Artur Markowski PCME