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With us your dream about Internet sale will come true

You sell many products online, e.g. on Allegro or Olx? How bout your own online business? A great amount of advantages can be found as a result of such a step. The most important one is, that in the long term, you will finally start saving money!

Creating your own online shop guarantees both prestige and considerable savings. Save money e.g. on online auction commission.

If we calculate how much Money you spend on such costs, it may come out that opening an online shop will turn a profit after a year! Every next step will only earn more profit.

PESI – professional online shops for every budget

Creating websites has been our Job for many years. We can create you a professional online shop with all the appropriate mechanisms and functionalities (e.g. a gallery, a list of promoted products, advanced search engine or payment system). Your shop will be made according to the latest technology and standards. We design and create responsie websites. It means that your online shop will be adjusted to mobile devices and your customers will be able to quickly buy products online by using smartphone or tablet.

We can create for you a fully-functional online shop based on WooCommerce, PrestaShop system or write from the basis an own system that will be personalized to you. The shop will be fully optimized in order to shortened its load time that can grow its its visibility in search engines. Full installation costs included. We will configure a payment system with any system, e.g. PayU, PayPall or TPay. With us you will spread your wings and expend sales channels with your own online shop!

Earn money by selling online

We create online shops, you make a profit

Good online shops make a huge profit for their owners. Own online shop is a place where you can sell your own products. But this is not all. Another important factor is the possibility to promote your brand.

Many people often make shopping on Allegro or other online shops. Afterwards they boast about their products to friends and you know what? They NEVER say „I bought on Allegro a nice shirt made by xxx company”. They say „I bought it on Allegro”.

That’s right! Selling on huge action websites you will not make your brand recognizable. People will not remember it. By choosing your own online shop you can be sure that the Clients will remember you, not other action website!

By choosing your own online shop you can be sure that the Clients will remember you, not other action website!

Remember that one Client satisfied from your online shop will be back as well as will recommend you to others. As for action websites the result would not be the same.

PESI – great online shops created on order

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