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We know how to take care of a brand. A brand is something more than its graphical expression. Building a strong brand with a recognizable logo requires an appropriate choice of shapes, colors, fonts and many others. Connecting the knowledge and experience we are able to use all of these elements and create a logo that will relevantly identify the company.

logo design

Why you should take care of a company’s logo?

  • A good logo emphasizes the character of your company
  • A good logo emphasizes the character of your company
  • You will increase your profit
  • You will make your company and products more recognizable
  • You will strengthen the image of the company
  • You will stay in the awarness of your clients

Logo is not a expense, but an investment in creating of one’s own positive image on the market. An appropriate logo builds prestige of a company.

What is a company’s logo?

Logo is a sign characteristic for a given brand. This sign helps the company to distinguish itself from the other ones and constitutes a part of its visual communication. Logo may be also defined as a form of graphical expression which basic aim is to gain interest of receivers, as well as to demonstrate the advantages of a company, a brand or a product. However, the definition itself is not relevant. The most important is that a logo helps to create a company’s image efficiently and encourages the receivers to engage the company’s services.

During logo creation we always focus on its aim. We Explorer the market and follow the latest trends. We will create a project that meets your expectations. Our proposals are polished to the smallest detail, but it is possibile to make some corrections. The projects we make (due to their scalability) can be used in diverse places and sizes without any problem.

Logo – how should it look like?

Designing a good logo is not easy. A created logo should be simple, original and atemporal. Only then will it effectively play its role. These three rules always accompany us during designing a project of a logo for our clients. We will do our best to create a logo with original typography, attractive composition, as well as appropriately chosen range of colours. At the same time we always try to produce a graphic sign that will be not only highly esthetic, but also memorable.

The prepared project will be original and unique. Full copyrights of the project are transferred.

What do we need?

Send us information about the project.
Define in it a.o.:

  • the name of a company in a logo
  • the advertising slogan
  • the field of activity
  • the picture presented in a logo
  • the preferred type of font
  • your favourite colouring

We send ready files via e-mail to a given address in the form of vector and bitmap files.

You need a logo for your company? Write to us!

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