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We lead Google AdWords campaigns (sponsored links)

Online marketing may have diverse forms, but the one most successful for years are so called sposnored links. Our company uses only the best forms, namely Google AdWords). Every day around 3 milion quieries are served by Google search engine!

Sponsored links (Google AdWords)

Marketing Adwords campaigns constitute an effective way to choose a specific product or service from all of Internet searchers. The aim of our measures is to direct them to your website (and discourage them from visiting competition). The advertisement will be visible for thousands of Internet users, but the payment will be only charge for those, who visits your website, according to the rule: No clicks – no payment!

What are Google Adwrods campaign (sponsored links)?

Sponsored links (Google AdWords)) is a friendly advertisement which is an effective instrument of online marketing, present in payable search results of Google’s search engine as an answer to a specific phrase or a keyword. It forms a text displayed above organic (natural) search results or next to them. These are places known for the highest CTR, that is the greatest interest. For success of the campaign it is essential to create a list of keywords. Our knowledge and experience helps us to prepare the best phrases, thanks to which your product or service will be visible by those really interested in buying them.

Sponsored links (Google AdWords)

AdWords Campaign is based on a pay per click (PPC) model (known also as – CPC) which means that both locating the advertisement on Google and displaying it is completely unpaid. A small amount of charge is calculated only if a person looking for a product or service clicks on your link and visits your website to familiarize oneself with the offer. The only thing you pay for are results. That is why sponsored links are the best way for online promotion which attracts great interest.

Advantages of Google AdWords sponsored links

Google AdWords Campaign (sponsored links) is particularly recommended to these companies, which run local marketing or which are planning an advertisement for users from specific cities or voivodeships. Your running a local business and your clients come mainly from localities? You do not feel like advertising to the whole country? Geolocalisation of sponsored links as well as the ability to identify detailed parameters of a campaign will make the advertisement directed to a region determined by you.

Unlimited extend

The advertisement is seen by thousands of recipients. We can also (depending on your individual needs) identify territotial extend of an AdWords campaign – directing it to a specific country, region or a town.

Example: You sell products in Europe and Asia. Our experts will prepare a proffesional campaign of interesting for you place – in this case, of Europe and Asia.

Budget management

An effective Google AdWords campaign can be run even with a low budget.

Sponsored links enable also to determine your both monthly and daily budget for an advertisement, which meets all the requirements and abilities. As a result, you can control the spending. The limited number of clicks may be modified, according to your needs.

Control and flexibility

During an AdWords campaign we can modify its particular elements, that is a target group, information included in a link or display frequency.

Example: You run an online shop with women’s wear. Yesterday a famous Polish actress was photographed in a beautiful, red coat and you know that her fans will be now looking for a similar one. You inform us about this and we immediately create a campaign of red coats. Result: your competitors got left and you take advantage of a situation by increasing your sales.

What benefits give you Google AdWords sponsored links?


Sponsored links are a great form to promote small and young companies online. Thanks to AdWords campaign information about company will appear on the best positions in Google results, next to big pots of the market and are visible for thousands of Internet users – in Poland and abroad. On the other hand, bigger companies can use AdWords campaign to strengthen their position on the market.


Every entrepreneur, while designing his or her website, wants it to be well-read and willingly visited by Internet users – it represents the offer, after all. An AdWords campaign transfers effectively the traffic from Google search engine to their webpage. That is why they gain a big amount of new, potential clients.


The term ‘conversion’ is used to describe a situation when someone (by visiting your website) makes a desirable activity, e.g. purchases online, uses a contact form, calls to make an order etc. People visiting your website through a sponsored link are those searching for a particular product or service. As a result, thet are more willing to take advantage of your offer.

When it is best to run a campaign of Google AdWords sponsored links?

Our answer is: ALWAYS. Online marketing (in the form of sponsored links) constitutes a great compliment to website positioning – especially in its early days, when the website position in organic search results is not yet satisfactory.

Moreover, sponsored links work out especially when our website is new and we want to quickly generate so called good traffic. Tha fact is that Google AdWords is a great tool in case of commemorative and thematic campaigns, as well as in running a quick promotion campaign of a product or service.

Sponsored links (Google AdWords)

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The same as in positioning: knowledge, experience and… effectiveness. The bigger competition in a specific brand, the higher cost per click. We will make a list of keywords in such a way, so that your company would pay less per click than your competitors. Your campaign will be constantly analyzed and monitored for immediate optimization of a pay rate and keywords. You have full access to effectiveness of our work, e.g. thanks to regular reports. At the same time, for the whole duration of a campaign, we keep in touch with our clients, providing them professional consulting and support.

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