Dedicated software

Dedicated software for companies – what is it?

Dedicated software for companies is a program written specially for you by us. Its functionality is always tailored to the requirements of an orderer. By detailed analysis of your company’s needs we are able to design a program especially for you! Programs available on the market have many disadvantages. Buying a ready-made product often means paying for unnecessary functionality, while enhancing with new functionalities often leads to refusal of the company which made the program available for us.

dedicated softwares for companies

Invest in dedicated softwares for companies

21st century is undoubtedly a computer century. Without them it is almost impossible to function nowadays. Running both a small and a big business without computers would be unworkable. The situation is similar when it comes to Internet. As an entrepreneur you probably know that at some point it is time to reduce expenses and increase the efficiency at the same time. How to reach such a compromise? We can help you to find the right solution! It is hight time to use dedicated software for companies, tailored to small and big business entities. Modest investment in automation of processes in your undertaking will increase significantly the work standard as well as the labour efficiency, which leads to higher profits of the company.

How will you benefit from software for companies?

Ordering dedicated software for companies you benefit a lot, however the most important is the time saved. One of major advantages of one’s own software is no stable subscription fee that in the long term generates enormous expenses for the company. Another gain of dedicated software is getting full rights to it. It means that you can modify at your choice or fully distribute it. With a well-designed program you will get:

Easy access to the program

We spiecialize in writing web applications that enables you to have full access to its functionality, all the time, from every place in the world.

Human resource management

Advanced creating employees’ schedule or a system of notifications about the sources shortage are great methods in human resources management.

Increase in work efficiency

Thanks to automation of IT processes, e.g. implementation in a company a system of automatic invoice despatch to Clients, the work in your company becomes more effective.

We have experience in dedicated software for companies design

We designed most of software used in our office. While developing our company, we decided to do it by ourselves, because products available on the market do not meet our high requirements. During meeting with clients we often hear a question: ‘Are you able to write such a program?’. We always answer: ‘For when exactly do you need it?’. There is no thing restricting us, except time needed to write a program – its length depends only on the advancement of software.

Exemplary use of dedicated software for companies

You run a business and a regular invoicing software does not meet your requirements? We will create for you a personalized accounting system combined with automatic emails distribution! The system will store data of all your contractors, maturities dates and, after activating an automatic distribution of notifications, it can send emails about the impending expiry or reminders of due invoices!
You surely have had many situations when a client did not pay you in time for the services rendered or an acquired product. Phone calls, writing and asking for your own money is not a pleasure (not to mention time spent on it). Such situations happen every month, every year. How do big companies deal with it? The biggest ones have been using automats reminding of due payments for ages. Programs of this kind improve bill collection rates. Dedicated software will save your time and money. However, there is much more examples of practical use of dedicated software for companies – that is why you should tell us what you need and we will create it.

Our Clients

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